Sometimes life doesn’t go to plan or you just need something a little different.

Fallen on tough times or experienced a change? Sometimes no matter how hard we try things don’t pan out the way we expect. A bad credit rating or a change in employment doesn’t need to be the end of your home ownership dreams.

We understand that sometimes this is born out circumstance. This happens more than you think and we don’t think you should suffer.

Maybe you have been through a divorce, a business venture went south, you lost your job or maybe you missed a payment because you simply just moved house. Regardless of the situation we will try and help you find an alternative solution that most mainstream banks won’t help with.

We can help find solutions for:

  • Borrowers with bad credit looking to put them in the past
  • Recently self employed
  • People consolidating credit/store cards, personal loans or tax debt to reduce monthly repayments
  • Business start ups
  • Recent divorcees separating assets
  • Recent arrivals to the country